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Off Pitch

Explore the best in football culture that's not limited to the stadium
  • Own The Elements: Goalkeepers

    Keeping goal is always a difficult job, but in the height of winter, when the rain’s pouring down, it can seem like an impossible mission. How are you meant to catch a ball that’s more slippery than a pig in a bath?

    Fortunately, goalkeeper brands are on your side: there’s a specific type of glove designed for wet conditions, and there are several pieces of apparel you can wear to combat the cold. Read on to find out how Pro:Direct Keepers can help you maintain top performance this winter.

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  • Own The Elements: Base Layer

    It’s a common question among our newer customers: why is base layer important for football? Experienced players, too, often find it difficult to know what type of base layer to use for a certain type of activity. There’s even a debate about how to write it: base layer or baselayer? Don’t worry about that last one – base layer is base layer, however you write it – but the other issues are certainly worth considering, especially during winter, so let’s get into it.
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  • Own The Elements: Equipment

    It’s all well and good braving the cold conditions, but without the proper equipment, you’re not going to do a lot more than a bit of basic cardio. It’s not so much the weather you have to be concerned with when it comes to selecting winter-appropriate training equipment, it’s the light – or rather, the lack of it. High-visibility products are the order of the day then, so here are a few items not to be missed.
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  • Own The Elements: Apparel

    It’s hard to get motivated to train in winter, but it has to be done. No professional footballer has made it to the top without battling through their fair share of cold, wet winter sessions – even the biggest prima donnas have endured it. But what if we told you there was a simple way to make winter training a hundred times more enjoyable, and make you perform better too? Is that something you’d be interested in?

    It’s easy: wear the right apparel. The top brands in the game have been researching winter clothing for years, and the technologies are now so good at keeping you dry and warm that you’ll barely notice the weather. Prepare to own the elements as we run through some of the best winter apparel on the market today.

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