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Pro Direct Product Doctor

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  • Pro:Direct x Sells #KeepTalking Goalkeeper Glove

    In football, good communication is vital. It’s what makes a team function properly – the essential oil that makes things go smoothly on the pitch. Likewise in life. The more we communicate, the more comfortable we feel. Talking to one another makes a huge difference to your mental wellbeing, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Sells to create a special edition goalkeeper glove as part of our #KeepTalking campaign.
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  • Own The Elements: Soleplates

    “He could be in here… No! He’s down, he slipped!” It’s the worst thing that can happen in winter football: you’re a few steps away from scoring a winning goal, and you lose your footing. Chance gone, embarrassment factor 100.

    Sometimes, it’s not even like you lose your balance, your feet just seem to give way. Why? Because you’re wearing a boot with the wrong type of soleplate for the pitch you’re playing on. One of the most important decisions in football is made before you even step onto the grass, so read on to find out how to choose the right soleplate for the right surface every time.

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  • Own The Elements: Accessories

    Winter football is tough. Cold. Rain. Darkness. It’s grim, especially in the UK. There are solutions though – accessories, equipment and clothing that will have you enjoying your football like Ronaldinho in the height of summer. Rub your hands together then as we run through some of the best accessories for football in the winter.
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  • The Future Of Football - Train Smarter With PLAYR

    “Football intelligence always triumphs.” It’s a common mantra among top players. Most of the time they’re referring to in-game situations, but the idea applies to every aspect of football – including training. The message is simple: train smart, or be left behind.

    It’s truer than ever in the modern game, where every little decision can be the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why you need to train good habits, and most importantly, the right habits, to excel in your position, as Wales FA Head of Performance Tony Strudwick explained when we spoke to him about PLAYR’s revolutionary smart training devices.

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