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Often in the cold it’s your extremities that suffer; your core takes care of itself when you’re running around, but things like your ears, nose, mouth and fingers can really feel the bite, taking some of the enjoyment out of the game. We’ve all been there. Tying in with the Always Forward Pack, Nike has produced some fantastic apparel to help you combat the cold and propel you through winter, take a closer look at it below.

Nike’s new Strike Snood features an articulated design that fully wraps around your neck and locks over your ears for secure coverage and a great fit. Rather than having a bulky, scarf-like piece of material getting in the way and distracting you, this sleek purpose-built snood fits comfortably, moving with you.

One of the main problems with snoods though is that they tend to restrict your ability to breathe normally – especially during activity. They also tend to muffle your voice, seriously limiting your ability to communicate effectively during play. Nike’s solution for both of these problems is a laser cut panel over the nose and mouth that offers excellent breathability while also allowing your voice to be heard. It’s a simple yet effective fix and it’s amazing how easy it is to breathe, while still keeping your mouth and nose warm.

The squad version of the snood still boasts the same great articulated fit and coverage, but replaces the laser-perforated mouth panel with a mesh panel. Despite a slight drop off in effectiveness it’s still an excellent feature that most other snoods don’t offer, placing it above the competition as a snood made specifically for football.
Pair your snood with the new range of HyperWarm gloves, and you’re on to a winner. Gloves in themselves are nothing new, but the HyperWarm gloves are sleek and include design elements that are football-specific. Constructed from the same sweat-wicking thermal fabric to help keep your hands warm and dry. The gloves also feature grippy elements on the palm to help grip the ball when taking throw-ins.
Winter and the inevitable bad weather that comes with it can slow things down and take your enjoyment out of the game. But Nike have done a great job in offering the kit to help you drive through the colder months, keeping you comfortable and enjoying your game throughout. Become a winter warrior with Nike: combat the cold, play through the conditions and come out stronger on the other side.

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