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Winter football is tough. Cold. Rain. Darkness. It’s grim, especially in the UK. There are solutions though – accessories, equipment and clothing that will have you enjoying your football like Ronaldinho in the height of summer. Rub your hands together then as we run through some of the best accessories for football in the winter.
Let’s start with the basics. Given football’s played with the feet, it makes sense to look after them, especially in cold conditions. In winter, that means wearing socks with dedicated thermal technology. Don’t reach for your nan’s five-inch-thick woolly warmers – all the top brands make lightweight options that keep your toes freeze-free without weighing you down. Trusox and Storelli do some great stuff here, producing comfortable, warm socks with exceptional grip. Don’t underestimate the effect of those grip sections in keeping your planting foot stable; it can be the difference between a clean strike and an embarrassing slip.

Getting kicked in summer hurts; getting kicked in winter is agony. That is unless you’re wearing top-notch protection like the G-Form Pro-S Shin Guard. You might have seen us test these out on our YouTube channel – in short, they’re one of the best innovations we’ve seen in any football gear, ever. Using a patented rate-dependent composite, they react to impact by firming up incredibly hard. So not only do they protect you from injury, they actually punish your opponent for kicking you. That’s karma.

If you prefer more traditional protection, regular shinpads are functional enough, and many now come with separate sleeves to keep them in position. Tape makes them even more secure, of course, and velcro “sock stoppers” are worth experimenting with too.


Ah, gloves. Fortunately things have moved on a lot since Nicolas Anelka’s bizarre attempt to keep his hands warm by wearing goalkeeper gloves back in 1999. Outfield players’ gloves now incorporate the same material technologies as other items of clothing, giving them sweat-wicking properties and substantial insulation. Nike’s HyperWarm range and adidas Climawarm are the major players here, and the tech really makes a difference – your hands just feel normal, which is the best compliment we can give. Most winter gloves feature specially designed cuffs for a secure fit, and also boast grip zones on the fingertips to grip the ball for throw-ins.

Snoods have come a long way too – they’re no longer just simple neckwarmers. Take the Nike Strike Snood, for example, which provides coverage for neck, mouth, and ears, featuring intelligent bits of design like a laser-cut mouthpiece so you can breathe and communicate more easily, and ear holders that keep the snood in place. Material construction has improved across the board – like gloves, many snoods now feature sweat-wicking technologies to keep you dry and warm. If you’re still using a basic one that you bought some time ago, it’s definitely worth upgrading to a newer model.

We all know the importance of traction in football, particularly in the mud bath pitches of winter, and it’s not just your choice of soleplate that keeps you on your feet. On a soft-ground plate, you need to properly select and maintain your studs, replacing them where necessary with an appropriate stud key. Our wide range of AMO Customs features 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm studs, so you can mix and match to preference and conditions.

As for laces, it’s all about grip. The silicon coating on AMO laces not only enhances your touch on the ball, it also makes them easier to tie up in a freezing changing room – or worse, out on the pitch in the middle of a game.

If you’re serious about improving your performance all year round, training masks are an excellent option in winter, allowing you to simulate high-altitude conditions without having to trek up a mountain first. They can we be worn indoors or outdoors, in the gym or on the training pitch, and wearing one makes pretty much any physical activity more gruelling, not just running. It’s about making your lungs work harder, thereby increasing their capacity and improving your fitness and stamina over time. Elevation training masks also train you to breathe more efficiently, and it doesn’t take long to see the benefits – you’ll quickly find that you can do more with less effort.
A foam roller is another piece of equipment that’s useful all year round, but really comes into its own in the winter. First, it’s another accessory you can use indoors in controlled conditions, but more so, it encourages good blood circulation, which is absolutely vital for injury prevention. A short foam-rolling routine is a great way to warm up for a training session or a match – it gets your body and your muscles ready for action without expending a great amount of effort.
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