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It’s hard to get motivated to train in winter, but it has to be done. No professional footballer has made it to the top without battling through their fair share of cold, wet winter sessions – even the biggest prima donnas have endured it. But what if we told you there was a simple way to make winter training a hundred times more enjoyable, and make you perform better too? Is that something you’d be interested in?

It’s easy: wear the right apparel. The top brands in the game have been researching winter clothing for years, and the technologies are now so good at keeping you dry and warm that you’ll barely notice the weather. Prepare to own the elements as we run through some of the best winter apparel on the market today.


On the pitch, it’s all about protecting yourself from the elements. You’re outside, it’s raining, it’s cold, and you just want to be able to play football without being reminded every five seconds that the conditions are terrible. Staying warm is important, but if you’re wearing a base layer (which you should be), that’ll do the main work in wicking sweat and maintaining your body temperature at optimal levels; additional apparel simply helps keep the heat in.

With that in mind, we’d recommend going for products with full coverage – high necks, thumbhole cuffs, hoods, et cetera – made from comfort-focused fabrics. If it’s your outer layer, make sure there’s some level of water resistance too. Nike’s Repel gear is excellent for rain, especially the jacket, while adidas Ultimate tops and bottoms stay comfortable during extended sessions.


Indoor training has different requirements. Obviously you’re not subject to weather conditions in the same way that you are out on the pitch, so it’s more important that you’re wearing breathable gear than layers of insulation and extra coverage. That means fairly loose-fitting t-shirts and shorts with sweat-wicking technologies like Nike Dri-FIT, adidas Climalite, and PUMA dryCELL. If you want to wear a base layer, go for a compression-focused piece for maximum muscle support.

What you wear after your workout is important too; avoid going from a hot gym to the cold outdoors too quickly, otherwise you’re risking injury. As your mum would say, make sure you take a coat.

Got all that? Good, now layer up and warm up with the latest selection of crew tops, jackets and pants to retain body heat, stay dry and enhance comfort during the colder conditions at

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